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Jobsite-Ready Advantage

WEB’s Jobsite-Ready Advantage

Why buy from someone else when you still have to invest thousands of $$ to get the machine jobsite-ready?


Here’s what happens to each machine that we buy…


The machine is assigned to a master mechanic AND shop foreman who both thoroughly inspect the machine for any malfunctions or needed repairs.  We replace any needed parts, such as the brakes, seals, discs, posi-traction discs or gears.  Specifically, we inspect and repair, if needed:


  • Frame, including the Boom. Inspect for cracking.  Replace all wear pads , adjust chains and hoses
  • Inspect and repair as needed, then full service including radiator.
  • Transmission
  • Replace leaking seals, change fluids.
  • Brakes
  • All Hydraulic Cylinders. Repair as needed.
  • Hydraulic Hoses. Replace if they show wear or leakage.
  • The Electrical System. Address any codes, replace any broken gauges, lights or switches.  Replace batteries, as necessary.
  • Joy Stick. Rebuild as needed.
  • Seats & Seat Belts. Replace if torn.
  • Foam-filled or solid tires are replaced if they have  50% tread remaining. They can also be replaced upon customer request.
  • Complete Service. Replace all filters, as well as all fluids in the engine, transmission and hydraulics.
  • Final steps. Sand, paint and decal each machine.

This is Not a painted, worn-out machine that isn’t jobsite-ready.

We make sure each machine is NOT leaking, all systems are functional,
All safety systems are operational. It is jobsite-ready

With a 30-day* warranty on parts.

*From purchase date.

How WEB stands out from our competition


  • Each machine gets inspected by both the lead mechanic AND the shop foreman.
  • We thoroughly inspect the frame for cracking, the boom for drainage.
  • We replace all wear pads.
  • All chains and hoses are adjusted, repaired/replaced as necessary.
  • For details on all that we do to bring axles to peak performance, watch our video on YouTube.
  • All safety systems are functional.
  • Everything functions on the machine, without leaks.
  • Each machine is ready for your jobsite with a 30-day warranty on parts.
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